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JAWA, one of the most popular brands in motorcycles, gets its name by concatenating the first two letters of "Janiček", who purchased the motorcycle division of "Wanderer".

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Indian customers' interest in new machines exceeded all expectations. The originally planned production capacity was not enough, the production line was therefore doubled at about 30,000 motorcycles a year and the start of serial production had to move on to later. JAWA Motorcycles (Classic Legends) inaugurated the first Jawa dealership in December 2018 in the Pune region of Maharashtra. Three new Jawa models, Jawa 42, Jawa, and Jawa Perak have been introduced by the company.

Now for the sale of Jawa brand bikes, the company has invited applications for dealerships.

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  • EMI repayment tenure can be kept up to 5 years.
  • Instant loan approval.

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